Ultimate Instagram guide to San Marcos, Tx

Spring – Summer 2021

San Marcos is a little town located between San Antonio and Austin, Tx. I have been here several times and it’s amazing to see how it just keeps growing and growing. Now, important to say, this is a College town so fun is expected. 😉

If you love murals as much as I do this post is for you. Get ready for the best mural hunting for your Instagram pics! I’ll provide you with the exact locations on google maps at the end of this post. Although I highly recommend to actually take the time to walk around downtown. it is a great experience and you will be able to try some of my favorite refreshing local drinks suggestions here.

I highly suggest that you start this walk early around 8:30 am. or after 5:00 pm Why? Well, the city’s weather is hoooot, you don’t want to get a burn plus the lightning will be better during these hours. Plus just to accomplish this little list will take about 2.5 hours give or take.

What will you need

First, make sure you bring sunscreen. My suggestion is https://gobareoutside.com/collections/stick/products/mineral-spf-50-baby-sunscreen-face-body-softstick it is what I use for my face and it never fails! Plus it’s a great ecofriendly option and no harmful chemicals on your skin.

If you like it better you can wear a hat too or walk around with an umbrella. You won’t retreat any of these decisions. Skin protection is a must.

Reusable water bottle! As you know, plastic is not my thing so bring your own! It’s better, cheaper and convenient. I usually carry a 500ml bottle.

Now, let´s begin..

1. 9

Do you recognize it? a hint… it’s a movie directed by Tim Burton.

A little bit about the movie.. it is a post apocalyptic film where machines rules the world, a ragdoll-robot must find 8 other robots to solve the mystery behind humanity´s destruction. It’s worth to watch.

The mural didn’t t have the artist signature but I believe to know who painted it. Actually several of the murals in San Marcos have been painted by them. If I am wrong lmk.

This is their Instagram https://www.instagram.com/78666walls/

Photography tip: this is an alley so if you don’t have a tripod or friend you will need to lay your phone on the other wall’s tiny cracks that’s in front of the mural. I don’t recommend doing this if you don’t have a good case.

check the movie trailer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_qApXdc1WPY

2. BLM mural

Often a mural also tells a story. know more here: https://www.universitystar.com/archives/black-lives-matter-protesters-march-on-campus-call-for-local-support/article_b6157fd8-050d-11eb-890e-13a987c49c04.html

This mural belongs to Gelson D. Lemus. Here is his website https://www.w3r3on3.com/

Break time!

Strawberry Honey Matcha

As I said before you will be walking around for quite some time. So I added a refreshing stop for you guys.

One of my favorite local coffee shops is The Coffee Bar. They have seasonal drinks and a regular basis menu.

Their matcha is soooo goood! and trust me you’ll want a good drink for this mural hunting you’ll be doing.

3. Cupid piggy

Oooh the food, the amount of food I fell for after this picture. haha.

I think is is definitely a favorite among people. Who doesn’t love piggies and fun interactive murals. The coolest thing about it that it matches the place it is located at: The kissing alley.. aawwwe. Who thought of this?

Tip: If you are traveling alone you will need a tripod, taking pictures at this location is tricky.

4. Super mini mural

Open big those beautiful eyes! This little one is tricky to find and the city is full of them.

Idk how to call it.. It seems familiar but I can’t remember. Do you know who is that?

5. Flowers

If your thing is flowers there a several murals of them throw downtown. Keep your eyes open. Look around “the bloom bar” shop.

Idk who the artist is. Do you know?

6. Galaxy

I have no idea who’s in this mural. I kinda think I’ve seen it before tho. But I just can’t manage to remember. Do you know?

And so we come to the end of this post. I hope you give it a try and let me know what else you find.

Link to google maps: https://www.google.com/maps/placelists/list/6HKB2y-9GbygboNhlC1e2LP-7AAgrA


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